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Welcome to my genealogy site. I've been researching my family for about 15 years off and on. My main family names include Stav(e), Hilliard, Wangerin, LeFavor, Grandbois, Eikeness, Janson, Hur(d)t, Meyer & Brausen. I've spent the last few years also working on my husband's side which includes Anderson, Kapel(l)a, Paddock, Whittemore, Slopek/Shopek, Grybos, Murphy & Jones. The file uploaded here is no where near what I have on my computer but I am in the middle of re-doing it all to cite my sources better. If you think there may be a connection, please send me a message. Eventually I will get it all back up but it's become a very, very long process.
Recently I had my DNA tested out of curiosity to see my genetic ethnicity & hopefully help me get through some brick walls. Based on my genealogy this is what my makeup is: 9/16 German & German-Bohemian, 1/4 Norwegian, 1/8 English, 1/32 French, 1/32 Native American. This is how my DNA broke down: 49% Central European (includes German & French in my case), 23% British Isles, 17% Scandinavian, 11% uncertain. I was mostly surprised at how much British Isles I have & how much less Scandinavian than I would have expected. Plus I'm so curious about that 11% uncertain, that could contain my small amount of Native American (about 3%) if it's still there but what about the rest? Hopefully that number will go down in time.

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